HAHAHA…Funniest part was when Jose leaped at Stevie

Reminiscent of his boxing days in the hood I guess. He whooped Stevie’s ass. The testosterone was strong in that room.

The side bitch mad because he’s lying to her/him but she/he thinks it’s funny he was lying to the person he has a child with?

This Basic Bitch, no respect. Take a whole arena of seats. You have the nerve to get mad, this dude called you a bitch and then some even after the fight, and you STILL to this day clinging like a barnacle to a ship. Instead of taking instagram pictures of money in a hotel bathroom, ask that dude to buy you some self respect.

And MiMi over there smirking, I don’t know why she hasn’t just cut out the cancer and walked away. Yes it’s fun to see his muskrat ass get beat down but your child deserves better.

Previews…is Benzino getting Fatal Attraction on Karlie’s ass? I mean, they started dating (checks watch) an hour ago…why all the drama?

Crappy…I mean Scrappy getting his Stevie J on, lying through his teeth. Yo Shay, your homeboy is denying you. Perhaps if you go 6 inches trimmed off of that dead lion’s mane on your head? Anyway, I am glad Erica is all like “Feck that P.A.B. and his girl”. Unlike her friend MiMi…

Rasheeda is wrong as hell. No woman likes to walk around saying they got their ass beat. Just because you friends with the wife of this dude doesn’t mean K. Michelle is lying.

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