This POS hot mess is like crack.

It’s bad, gives you the shakes, but I’m back every Monday.

Stevie J on his “I wanna punch this he bitch in his face” stance with Jose, but he didn’t go there because there were witnesses.

Jose, everytime this bitch starts talking, I seriously need a minute. One minute she’s basically acknowledging she prostituting herself only with Stevie for her career (what career?!) but then she turns around and say she “lubs” him. This he bitch is confusing. Then she acting like she got such a high self esteem, you SLEPT with a man who was in a relationship and you was still in his face after he dropped your ass off at the abortion clinic. Your self esteem is shot full of holes boo.

MiMi should have smacked Karlie herself, talking about “you should have had my back”. Bitch, you begging to work with her ex and his hoe, and you want her to have your back?! Thirsty broad actually cackled that MiMi got cheated on, she didn’t say you lied Karlie, so what was the snarky shit about?  Oh you and Benzino are gross. He old as fuck, you loose as fuck. And it’s scripted. 

Rasheeda, I get where she was coming from. I understand her frustration. I think she does need to separate business from home.

MiMi…everytime you see Joseline, you should tag that bitch in her his face. Just tag her  him. Stop talking. Punch her  him not because of the Stevie J ish, but because of the threats. You can’t have civil conversations with the uncivilized. You can’t discuss things with slores. They have a special language using the back of their throats (gag reflex). They don’t understand you! She sitting up there acting like she’s done, and she’s not. But you need to be.

Erica….Erica. I am proud that you are taking a stand. That dude is cheating on you with Cousin IT from the Addams Family

And then he gonna ask you to drop the child support? Scrappy on some ole bullshit. He gonna get a lawyer to do what?! That was funny. Child support is child support Scrappy. She has every right to take you for it and receive it. Stop whining, get off your momma’s masculine tit, and be a man. And on the same note, get Cousin It to stay out of any affairs concerning Erica and her child with you. That’s why side bitches get stung, they want to insert their opinions in matters which do not concern them.

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